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to Jul 29

NBHA Youth World Tour | Unadilla, GA

UNADILLA, GA 🌱ALFALFA 3-string bales 100#
You Pickup
$29/bale- 2017 crop
🌱🌱🌱We will ship container of ALFALFA once entire load is pre sold. All customers have 3 day window to schedule pickup in Unadilla, GA dates for pickup will be posted when load ships after sales are final. Arrival time: 1 week from shipping date (We can make special arrangements for pickup if customer is unable to arrive during 3 day window). Once all pre sales are made we will accept payment up to 48 hours from final sale before hay is shipped ...via Direct deposit , PayPal, or ACH transfer, cc transactions will be charged 2% cc fee. All hay is guaranteed 100%

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